Wow, I can't believe all that's happened in the past year! I started modeling right after my 18th birthday and it has been crazy ever since. I even got my best friend Anastasia to model! I love all my photos and the outfits make me feel so sexy. The photo shoots are so much fun because I get to play around and do my own thing. It also pays me enough money to go out and party at all the discothèques! When I wear my clothes out to the club, I turn all the guys' heads! I love being a tease and they love it too.
It's great to have them take me out and treat me like a princess. I still haven't found a guy that makes me happy yet. My family doesn't really like how much skin I show in my pictures, but I am my own woman now! I can do whatever I like, and I like to show off. If you want to see me really show off, you have to sign up for this site. You can e-mail me, I love e-mail! I get to talk to so many interesting guys from around the world that I would never have been able to since I am a poor girl from Czech. Please check out my pictures and tell me if you like them!